Almond Crust Peach and Apple Tart
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Peach season is here and I’m breaking the seal with this Almond Crust Peach and Apple Tart recipe. It’s gluten-free, simple to make, beautiful and delicious. What more could you want from a summer dessert?


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Peaches for Me

As a child, I never liked fresh peaches. I was hooked on canned peaches with ice cream but I always found the furry outer skin off-putting. It was only when I started making baby food that I experimented with baking peaches and learned how to recognize the perfect ripeness that allows you to peal in slices. My love for peaches was reignited and as soon as this year’s peaches arrived on the shelves I knew I was going to get involved. These days I don’t even bother removing the skin… it’s all good!

Adding Apple to Your Peach Tart

Originally I planned to make a peach tart. But alas, one of my peaches had turned and I needed something else to take its place. The apple was a welcomed accident because it adds texture to the dish and contrast in color. However, do remember that apples need a little helping hand to bake golden and soft, unlike peaches.

The image below shows the tart without the optional butter and brown sugar. The apple dries out a little and therefore I do recommend brushing the apple area with butter and sprinkling a little brown sugar to caramelize… delicious.


Gluten-Free Almond Base

For the almond base, I’m going to send you over to my Simple Gluten-Free Almond Pie Crust recipe. I have made crust standard gluten-free flour in the past and although it works, I can not sing the praises of the almond crust for fruit pies enough. It’s really easy to through together and so delicious I may never return to regular pie crust again!


Almond Crust Peach & Apple Tart Recipe