Simple gluten-free almond pie crust
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Whether you have a gluten sensitivity or just love an almond crust like me, this recipe is perfect for sweet pies. This gluten-free almond pie crust is quick and easy to put together and I could eat it straight out of the pan!


I have experimented with a few different pie crusts and I thought it was time to start keeping track and posting the recipes. I’m starting with this one because for sweet pies, in particular, it’s an absolute fave! Fill with fruit, serve with ice cream and it just can’t be beaten for taste.


Its downfall is it is crumbly. I will play around with the recipe and return with a firmer option at some point, but my husband has banned me from serving any other almond crust at home because he loves this one so much. In his opinion, extra ingredients will change an already perfect recipe, and I almost agree! Its a total knockout for flavor and texture but doesn’t easily serve into a neat little slice. I suppose it depends on how important the presentation of the final slice is to you… let me know how it goes!


What to Fill Your Almond Pie Crust With

This almond pie crust makes the perfect base for a fruit tart. Just fill with fruit and return to the oven. The flavor of the crust is rich enough to keep it that simple! I’m yet to try filling this crust with fruit curd but I suspect it would cut better this way too… A colorful Fall fruit pie coming soon, yum!

My next almond pie recipe is going to be a raspberry swirl cheesecake… I am sure this crust can replace a graham cracker base, which my gluten-intolerant twin boys can’t eat. I think the almond base may be rather genius on a cheesecake, watch this space!

In the meantime, do check out my Almond Crust Peach & Apple Tart… so delicious!!