Chocolate peanut macarons
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Light and fluffy, rich and fancy, these Reese’s inspired chocolate macarons with peanut butter filling are so good you can always eat just one more! Macarons can seem daunting to make, but rest assured they are not as difficult as you might expect. By paying attention to the basics you’ll easily create the perfect macaron.

Tips for Making the Perfect Macaron

I spent far too long gazing at Instagram worthy macarons I thought I’d never be able to make. They seem like an advanced level skill I wasn’t ready to embark on, until I did. I was so surprised how easy they were when you just stick to these rules:

  • Keep the bowl and instruments clean. Macarons are essentially meringue with a little almond flour added to give a little more substance. This means the same rules apply. Make sure your bowl, mixing instruments and anything else that touches the mix clean. Impurities of any kind are not your friend.
  • Make sure no yolk ends up in your egg white. As with meringue, egg yolk if going to ruin the fluffiness of your macaron.
  • Use room temperature egg whites. Some bakers suggest ‘maturing’ the egg white for 24 hours before using but I haven’t yet tried this. Seems a little creepy to me but I’m told it gives amazing texture! Either way, you do not want to be using cold white straight out of the fridge.
  • Use a silicon mat. I’ve tried making macarons with an without the mat, and honestly, it’s worth the purchase. I have a De Buyer macaron mat but there are cheaper alternatives. Just check the reviews because some report to stick.

When using a silicon mat, pipe to the inner circle and the mix will naturally flatten out to the outer circle. This will give you perfectly uniform, classically sized macarons.

Storing Macarons after Baking

I was nervous to store my macarons in the fridge after baking because meringue does not do well in this environment. However, macarons do store well in both the fridge and freezer. In the fridge they’ll only keep their yummy texture for 2-3days but the freezer can buy you a few months. Personally mine didn’t last long so 2-3days is plenty!