Matcha Shortbread Cookies Dipped in White Chocolate
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Packed with anti-oxidants, if matcha isn’t an excuse to eat cookies, I’m not sure what is. This matcha shortbread is deliciously buttery, and a slight dip of white chocolate gives the sweet touch. I appropriately cut mine to cactus shapes, but you can use any cookie cutter you like!

Matcha Shortbread Cactus Cookies Recipe

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I keep coming across Matcha recently… it’s definitely trending. Matcha’s bright green coloring is perfect for my under-used cactus cookie cutter, so much so I had to take my cookies out for photo opportunity in the local Scottsdale landscape. We are moving to Las Vegas soon and I want to soak up as much cactus action as I can… those Saguaros will be greatly missed when we move to Mars.

Matcha Shortbread cookie saguaro cactus
Notice my white chocolate melting in the 100 degree heat, ha!

Health Benefits of Matcha

I’m not sure the health benefits of cookies are abundant, but at least with a little added matcha you can reap the rewards of anti-oxidants. Matcha tea is also thought to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It is however particularly high in caffeine, so don’t go on a matcha cookie binge or you’ll be bouncing off the walls!

Matcha Cactus Shortbread Cookies

Finding Matcha for Baking

My local grocery store only sells Matcha powder in single serving sachets and it’s not ideal for baking because of the expense. Most Matcha products in the grocery store are tea leaves ‘with Matcha’ rather than the pure powder, so do read your labels. Pure matcha powder is smooth to mix into your cookie dough.

Amazon sells a daunting selection of Matcha powders, and they vary in price considerably. I would suggest staying on the cheaper end for baking because you will use quite a lot and your cookies are going to get expensive fast!

Matcha Shortbread Recipe
Matcha Cookies dipped in White Chocolate

Whether you went with a cactus of a simple circle, I hope your Matcha shortbread cookies turn out great! It’s certainly getting me nostalgic for our move up to Nevada!