Simple GF Lemon Cookies
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I’ve noticed that gluten-free flour can work wonders in cake, but it struggles in cookies. There a subtle alkaline kind of a taste to it which always lets cookies down. Lemon, however, seems to resolve this issue… these simple gluten-free cookies are delicious!

Simple gluten-free lemon cookie recipe

This 2020 quarantine baking has its challenges. I promised the kids we’d do some baking today but when I went to check out the contents of my kitchen I was lacking eggs and vanilla essence so some my victoria sponge cake was out the window. My husband had the genius idea of using lemon instead of vanilla, and so all I needed to do now was ditch the need for eggs… delicious lemon cookies it is!

I must give a shout out to Alison from ‘Loving it Vegan’ because I started with her recipe for Vegan Lemon Cookies and added back in the milk products and removed the gluten. Alison also uses lemon extract instead of lemon juice in the cookie mix, which will give you a much stronger lemon taste. Personally, I like the combination of a mild lemon cookie and a zippy glaze but how you do it is up to you!