The Best Italian Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe
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Surprisingly light, but satisfyingly decadent, this Italian flourless chocolate cake makes the perfect companion for berries and whipped cream. This classic method of separating eggs and creating a ‘mousse’ to bake is essential to the light and fluffy texture so many recipes miss.

Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe

How do You Like Your Flourless Cake?

For something so simple, there are many different recipes for flourless chocolate cake. I’m being bold and claiming that mine is the best (you’ll find no modesty here), but really it depends on how you like your cake. I’ve tasted many flourless chocolate cakes that are exceptionally dense and gooey in the center. Delicious indeed, but almost like fudge. This is not that cake.

This is more of a traditional Italian flourless chocolate cake. You’re essentially making a chocolate mousse and baking it. Carefully folding together the egg whites and the chocolate makes a light and fluffy cake mix which creates a natural airiness in the cake, without the use of baking powder or flour. It’s still a shallow cake, but it’s light, not dense.

Italian Chocolate torte

The Use of Potato Starch

Potato starch is not always easy to find in store. It’s not an essential ingredient but it does help add to the cake texture. I love the subtle sponginess the potato starch brings to the texture of a flourless chocolate cake, without its a little more like a brownie texture… still delicious!

Slice of flourless chocolate cake
Slice of chocolate cake

This Italian flourless chocolate cake is only of my dream indulgences. I am a lifelong chocolate lover and sometimes nothing else will do!