Cheat macaron cake
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Homemade chocolate layer cake, chocolate buttercream and topped with fresh berries and store bought (or homemade if you prefer) macarons. This very simple cake makes for an impressive spectacle, without all the hard work.

Making or Buying Macarons

Although I have made homemade macarons in the past, when you have a birthday party to organize, a complex cake can be too much to take on. On this occasion I bought myself some macarons from Whole Foods, choosing to alternative raspberry and salted caramel flavor. It works wonderfully for a party because every slice can be topped with a macaron, what a treat!

If you are baking for a peanut butter fan, you could make some of my chocolate peanut butter macarons. Buying macarons can be expensive but as it was a birthday celebration I allowed myself the cheat!

macaron chocolate cake

Buttercream Preferences

Traditional buttercream decoration makes use of a thin crumb coat which is chilled, scraped into the perfect shape and chilled again before adding a second perfect layer of buttercream. Not only is this time consuming, but I find it can result in too much buttercream. How often have you cleared party plates to find each has a hunk of buttercream left scraped tot he side? It’s just too much for most people. I personally love the look of the crumb coat, a little sponge peeking through for a little texture.

Cake with macarons on top