Brown Sugar Merigue Cups
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If you’re looking for a more caramelized flavor and color to your meringue it’s got to be brown sugar. These brown sugar meringue cups are filled with whipped cream and drizzled with homemade chocolate syrup and a cluster of raspberries. The perfect light but rich combination of flavors.

Brown Sugar Meringue Cups Recipe

Tips for Baking Meringue & Whipped Cream

I’m am not an expert meringue maker, but have learned a lot from the few that I have made:

  • Purity is everything. No yolk in your egg whites and make sure your mixing bowl is perfectly clean and dry. The light and fluffy texture of meringue relies on the egg white being pure. The fat in the egg yolk prevents the egg white protein strands hooking together, meaning the foam does not form as it should when mixing. It’s the same for any potential contaminants in a greasy bowl.
  • Cream whips better when cold… seriously cold. You want your cream to be straight out of the refrigerator and give it a little extra by chilling your bowl and beaters (the inserts to your electric mixer) in the freezer for 20 minutes. Otherwise you may find your whipped cream flops again quickly after topping your meringue.
  • Cream of tartar helps stabilize whipped cream. Add 1/2 tsp of cream to tartar to your whipped cream at the end of whipping to help it stabilize and stay fluffy for longer.
  • Do not put meringue in the refrigerator. Moisture is the enemy of your beautifully crisp meringue. The chill of the fridge will draw moisture to your meringue, making it soggy and sad. Store your meringue somewhere dry, even the air on a humid day can cause problems.
  • Do not fill your meringue until just before serving. I actually topped my brown sugar meringue cups too early and we ended up devouring before dinner because they were starting to get soggy. The kids were very pleased with their appetizer, lol!
Meringue cups with cream and berries

Topping choices for Brown Sugar Meringue Cups

A classic white sugar meringue cup is filled with whipped cream and topped with berries. A pavlova is one of my husband’s favorite. As I pulled my brown meringue cups out of the oven, I had sudden visions of chop pastry profiteroles. I tasted a little a sure enough, the richness of that caramel flavor was calling out for chocolate.

I whipped up a batch of super simple chocolate syrup and these little guys took on another life. The berry adds to the pretty and flavor but my husband suggested a slice of banana would be a winning flavor combo too. What do you think?

Piping meringue cups

Whatever you topping, enough making your brown sugar meringue cups and do tell me how they turned out:

My kids absolutely loved these meringue cups, although they needed a bit of cleaning up afterwards, ha! There’s something about meringue that feels like a summer party, they always bring a smile. Enjoy!

Brown Sugar Meringue Nests